Now, see, this is why I don't watch cable news. Just fifteen damn minutes and I'm going to spend all day wondering what's up with Jerry Nadler's eyebrow.

Will I manage to hold off from getting into this jar of pickled peaches? I looooooooove pickled peaches.

Don't eat the romaine lettuce y'all! I don't want you to have a literally crappy Thanksgiving.

Every time you try to lie, the world realigns, and suddenly it's true.
#writingprompts #writing

Shout to all my friends wandering over to Twitter and Mastodon while Facebook is down.

I am all nerves. It's like the night before Christmas only you're not sure if the presents are fluffy kittens or ebola-carrying hell mutants.

Anyone else seen YouTube editing comments the instant they're posted? Weird video.

don't worry
be grumpy

keep calm
grump on

when in doubt,

Just think if Google had taken all the resources it put into Google+ and put them somewhere else -- even a fraction of them somewhere else -- like, say, GOOGLE READER.

Tea with turmeric in it sounds like it would be disgusting, but it's really good.

So 50 million accounts breached on Facebook? HIIIIII, MASTODON!

I finally had to break down and reinstall Ubuntu, and now I'm like "damn why didn't I do this months ago"

When you have to ask the vet if it's okay to vacuum the cat.

One of my favorite things about watching movies with my Granny happens when a kissing scene comes on. She yells "Yucky, yucky!" and I make loud obnoxious slurping noises. Through some miracle of biology we are both nine years old.

LOL LOL I shared this thing with @callkathy to test and she's beating the hell out of it. In a good way.

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